Ultra Pure Silver Round Wire 9999 (NOT 999) 1 Ounce 



Price:  $66.00 per ozOrder here 


Item No.:  SW

Available in 10 gauge and 12 gauge.  One ounce is 20 inches in length for 10 gauge with a measurement of .101" diameter; for 12 gauge, one ounce is 36 inches in length and .081" diameter.  

Since these are pre-cut and pre-packed, if you want to order a continuous length, a minimum order of 5oz is required.  Otherwise, if you order 2 to 4 oz, you will receive 2 to 4 of 1oz each.

We have been using silver for some years. We have always been concerned with the purity of what we use. Up to now, we have only used Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins for this as they are certified by the Royal Canadian Mint to be 99.99% pure. The only silver wire that has been available has been only 99.9% (3 nines) pure. We have finally managed to persuade a major precious metals refinery to make a run of 9999 pure silver wire for us and we are offering them 1 ounce at a time. Atlasnova's silver wire has Four Nines (9999), which is mathematically equivalent to 99.99%. If your intention is to make jewelry you do not need this level of purity. However, if you intend to end up putting something in or on your body, going for the highest level of purity (ten times) is obviously important.

A copy of the Certificate of Analysis will be sent with the silver wire.  Made in USA.

The picture above is how it looks when we snip off a piece from our  8" diameter roll. When you get it in a small padded envelope it will look like this:





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