Half-Gallon Colloidal Silver Generator



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Item No.: CSG-HG


Half-Gallon Colloidal Silver Generator Includes:  

1 Half-Gallon Mason jar

2 15-inch pieces of 12 gauge silver wire 9999 (Total of 0.833 ounces)

1 Printed Circuit Board (already connected to the power supply)

1 Universal Power Supply

1 Multimeter

1 OEM Atlasnova Red Laser Pointer (no batteries)

1 Scrubbing Pad (to clean the silver wire)

Instructions for making a half-gallon of colloidal silver


Please note that the color of the body the OEM red laser pointer varies depending on what's available in our stock.   


To complete the parts and equipment for making a half-gallon of colloidal silver, you need to purchase the following:


1 gallon of distilled water

2 AAA batteries for the red laser pointer